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LAG Tervel-Krushari is established in 2010. The Strategy for Local Development received financial support in the middle of 2012 so the LAG has worked for 3 years.

For this period 72 projects were proposed and 54 of them were approved.



Number of Contracts

Contracted amount

% contracted


Modernization of farms

677 570 лв.


618 205,00 лв.



Adding value to agriculture products

307 430 лв.


203 373,03 лв.



Diversification of economic activities

197 500,00 лв.


195 490,33 лв.



Creation of micro-enterprises

605 200,00 лв.


590 458,78 лв.



Encouragement of tourism activities

118 000,00 лв.


118 000,00 лв.



Basic services for the economy and rural population

660 000,00 лв.


659 999,80 лв.



Village renewal and development

549 000,00 лв.


539 086,12 лв.



3 114 700,00 лв.


2 924 613,00 лв.



Measure 121: Assistance for small and young agricultural producers

LAG Tervel-Krushari assists smaller producers and predominantly young people (up to 40 years old) living in the villages.

  • Majority of beneficiaries were grain producers. Under LAG projects most of them acquired their first agricultural mechanization – mainly tractors and tractor-driven mechanization.
  • As the young producers cannot compete with the large tenants in grain cultivation, LAG stimulates them to develop alternative forms of agriculture.
  • LAG finances projects for creation of orchards with fruit trees – apricots, plums and apples, as well as fruit bushes – raspberries and aronia, gardens with nut plantations – walnut and hazelnut trees.
  • There are several projects for herbs growing – lavender and white oregano.
  • A large part of young producers of fruits and herbs develop organic agriculture.

Measure 123: Support for development of enterprises for processing of agricultural production

The lack of food-processing industry forces the farmers to sell their products as raw materials.

  • Under a project financed by the LAG an enterprise produce and pack up seasoning.
  • Under another project a factory for pellets is being created. Pellets are produced from straw and other residuals from agriculture production, which is not utilized. In addition, the factory will create 10 job places in the long-run.

Measure 311: Divers economic activities
Measure 313: Tourism activities

The development of rural tourism in the region is determined mainly by the presence of rock monasteries, bio-diversity, conditions for hunting, which create opportunities for development of touristic routes.

  • The LAG is assisting 5 projects for tourism development. Two of them envisage the creation of touristic routes and another three projects focus on the development or improvement of conditions in guest houses in the villages.

Measure 312: Creation of micro-enterprises

  • Most projects are for services. There is a project for building auto-service since such are lacking at the territory, especially for agricultural machinery. Three bakeries were renovated and equipped.
  •  Unfortunately, only one project of a production company is supported - it produces concrete bricks.

Measure 321: Provision of social services in remote villages

In the villages there is lack of services which are commonly accessible for the people in the cities. Therefore the LAG supports the development of services for the people in the villages – mainly social services for old people and for children and healthcare services.

  • Six projects assist the establishment of centers for social services, which will serve groups of several villages located remotely from the municipal center. It is envisaged that these centers will provide daily warm food for old people and people living alone in the villages and to provide social assistance with food for people with low income.
  • These centers organize clubs by interests for adults and children, in order to stimulate the social contacts and activities for the people’s free time. In addition, the centers for provision of social services will house offices which will provide medical and dental help once a week.
  • Two projects support cultural centers. In Bulgaria almost every village has such a center called “chitalishte” /community center/, which were created at the beginning of the last century as centers for the preservation of traditions and folklore, conducting cultural events.
  • Under LAG projects, two homes for elderly people which are being renovated will provide conditions for easier adaptation for newly admitted members and for therapy. The purpose is to create for the elderly people conditions similar to these in the family life, providing  for their free time diverse activities - gardening, growing flowers and vegetables;

Measure 322: Provision of better living conditions

  • Six projects are for renovating streets and green areas in the villages and creating playgrounds for children.