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         Needs for social services on the territory

In the demographic picture of the settlements in the municipality of Tervel there is a tendency for increase in the number of people of retirement age. Many of them receive minimum pensions. Part of those over 65 have disabilities. The number of people who live alone because they have lost their spouses or their children live and work in major regional centers, often far from Tervel, is significant. These people need care and daily meals. For adults and especially for people living alone, the municipality provides social service "Home Care" - hot meal is prepared in municipal cuisine and delivered to them at home. Roma communities in rural areas are supported by the municipal social service "social dining" as the majority of Roma rural residents have very low or no income at all.
The municipality struggled to deliver these two types of social services to villages remote from the municipal center. The desire of many people in remote villages to use these social services could not be satisfied as kitchens were in the municipal center and the food could not be delivered on time, and the daily transportation is expensive.
In this way people who live in remote villages remained without access to social services that were offered in the municipal center Tervel. Particularly people from the most remote villages of the municipal center whose population consists only of adults needed urgently these services.

        Projects for establishment of Centers for Social Services

The administration of Tervel municipality decided to invest funds for municipal projects under measure 321 in establishment of Centers for social services, which will enable supply of quality social services for the population of remote villages. Under LAG projects three Centers for social services were established, each of which serves a group of several remote villages. The centers were set up in locations that are natural functional centers for the group of villages - in which there is a school, kindergarten, cultural center (chitalishte), developed agriculture. For this purpose suitable abandoned municipal buildings were selected – non-functioning health service establishment. The following centers were established under projects of LAG Tervel-Krushari:

Center for Social Services in Kolartsi, which serves the population of the villages Kolartsi, Balik Onogur, Surnets and Angelarius;
Center for Social Services in Nova Kamena, which serves the villages of Nova Kamena, Wells, Glavantsi, Gradnitsa and Kableshkovo;
Center for social services in Pop Gruevo, which serves the population of Pop Gruevo village

Investments under these projects include construction of facilities in these centers for social services, each of which provides access to completely new social services for people from five surrounding villages - "Home Care", "Social Dining", "Day Care Center”.  In addition, the centers were equipped with facilities for provision of two basic services for the region - access to a doctor and dentist who will treat people from the surrounding villages. Clubs in interests were established in the buildings of the centers, which encourage social contact and gives meaning to the leisure time of adults and children from the area served by the center villages.
Each of the centers has been established under a separate project that included:
•    Construction and repair works for reconstruction of two-storey abandoned buildings of the former health services into centers for social services. A kitchen has been set up on the first floor for food preparation and delivery under the services "Home Care" and "Social Dining" for the surrounding villages and food preparation for kindergarten and the local school. There are separate rooms for social dining where users of this service can consume food on the spot. On the second floor there are separated rooms for examination by a doctor and a dentist, as well as premises for different interests of adults and children from the area.

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Several other projects have been implemented with additional investments for supply of furniture and equipment for the centers which animated the buildings and enabled their operation. Within these projects the following activities were performed:
•    Delivered and installed kitchen equipment and furnishing for establishment of kitchen. The types of equipment and the capacity of each unit are consistent with the technological cycle and the estimated load of the kitchen. Refrigeration equipment, ovens, convection ovens, fryers and grills are supplied, as well as all necessary equipment.

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•    Purchased specialized vehicles for delivery of culinary production. They are used for delivery of food to the homes of users of social service "Home Care", as well as for the kindergarten, school canteen and Home for elderly people.
•    Delivered equipment and furniture for day centers for adults and children - cabinets, tables and chairs, computers and other necessary specific equipment and materials. There are separate premises for communication and joint events, where clubs already operate. There are computer systems installed which besides opportunities to work with a computer and access to the Internet, provide several Internet-based municipal administrative and information services.

         Мanaging and financing social activities in the centers for social services

Tervel Municipality administers all social services on its territory. It manages the centers for social services in the villages of Kolartsi, New Kamena and Pop Gruevo by appointed staff of 6 people in each center - kitchen workers, driver and host. They have an obligation to provide daily delivery of food, catering, home delivery, washing and disinfection of dishes.
The service "Social Dining" is financed by the "Social Assistance" Fund under the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

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The service "Home Care" functions through fees collected from consumers, which cover only the calculated value of food products in the meals. Public expenses of the kitchens, as well as costs for salaries of their staff are covered by the Municipality.
Day-care centers are common municipal activity, funded through the municipal budget.


Thanks to the projects under LAG Tervel-Krushari it is possible for people in remote villages of the municipality of Tervel to get adequate access to social services, while until now these were available only in the municipal center and the villages close to it.
The service for daily food delivery makes the daily life of elderly people easier and they can continue living in their native homes - something that is particularly important for every adult.
And last but not least - in each of the centers for social services there are about 6 new jobs, for which were appointed local unemployed people.

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