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Given the demographic situation in the region, the social service "care for the elderly" is relevant and it will become increasingly necessary. In both municipalities we have this service in the following homes:
- "Home for elderly people" in Dobrin, Krushari Municipality, operational since 2005 and is home for 25 people;
- "Home for elderly people" in Polk. Savovo, Tervel Municipality, created two years ago, also for 25 people.
Not only adult population from the municipalities is seeking the services of these homes, as is obvious from the waiting lists for accommodation.

Project: "Repair and internal reorganization Home for elderly people in Dobrin, Krushari Municipality

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Renovation works to improve and modernize the facilities of the Home for elderly people were carried out under the project. With that improvement in the conditions of the existing buildings of the Home, the elderly people were provided with material environment close to normal life environment. The following problems hindering the smooth functioning of the home were solved under the project:
- Compromised roof with leaks, damaging plaster and furniture were replaced with new wooden roof structure for placement of 6 pcs. solar panels for water heating;
- The implementation of the new heating system with pellets for steady heating, and in combination with solar panels, residents have hot water continuously. With the introduction of the new heating system, the costs for maintenance of the home were decreased;
- Construction of modern laundry rooms provides convenience for staff and better hygiene of residents;
- Installed treatment facilities for wastewater;
- Conditions are created for walking and outdoor activities, for exercises consistent with the ability of residents.
With the implementation of this project, supported by MIG Tervel-Krushari, facilities of the home for elderly people have been improved and updated, which improved the living conditions of the elderly at home.

Project: "Home for elderly people in the municipality of Tervel - facility for occupational therapy and adaptation"

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After analyzing the problems in the first two years of operation of the Home for the elderly in Polk.Savovo, the management of the home decided that they need to provide additional activities for the residents. Thus balancing the trauma of separation from their home environment and the active life that they have led before with their placing in a social institution. The majority of residents are in relatively good health and in need of activities to involve them in the community. They all have spent their working lives in Tervel or surrounding villages and their lives were connected with agriculture and gardening.
Only several months after commencing, the home turned out to be insufficient as a courtyard area, to satisfy the desire of residents to grow flowers, vegetables, herbs, experiment with various handmade items for arranging gardens and lawns. That is why the Municipality applied with this project, under which a facility for occupational therapy and adaptation was established on the territory of available municipal land for the Home for elderly people. The land was fenced and has a wooden pavilion with benches for 12 people. Motor cultivator and tiller for primary preparation of the land for sow seeds and seedlings have been supplied.  A room-wagon that holds tools and equipment for gardening, seeds. etc. has been installed.
The facility for occupational therapy is managed by the residents and staff of the Home. It contributes to the easier adaptation of the residents to change the conditions under which they spend their last years and rationalization of their time spent at the Home.